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House of Emmanuele was created in 2003 by designer Emmanuele Tsakiris.
After obtaining a degree in Information Technology and Public Relations, Emmanuele entered the world of fashion by fate and unveiled his creative passion through glorious Jewellery.

Whilst at University Emmanuele worked for Chanel as well as working in Public Relations for one of Australia’s largest Department Stores. His flair for computers started morphing into oversized pearls and crystal jewellery whilst at Chanel, and after a life changing event it furthered the metamorphosis. 

Emmanuele’s mother Evdokia passed away in 2002 and at 25 years he found an ethereal muse who seemed to guide his path and inspire his designs into what they are today. Having had no formal training in Jewellery his style is quite raw, regal, overstated and limitless. More is more and bigger is better and hence his love affair with Swarovski began!

Within three years House of Emmanuele received immediate press and retail attention. The label was stocked in four continents and graced the covers and editorials of magazines including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Instyle, Shop till you Drop, Cleo, Grazia, OK and Cosmopolitan. Emmanuele’s Celebrity following includes Beyonce, Fergie, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and Angelina Jolie to name a few.
What Started as a whisper became an international scream.

Emmanuele’s signature is fusing different elements and forging something original into being. Glamazonian necklaces with oversized precision cut Swarovski crystals mixed with raw semi precious stones. A theatrical mix of bohemian gypsy layered with industrial Parisian rock and old Hollywood Glam adorned with African Tribal Motifs.
“I can’t even begin to design a collection before I have envisaged a character, a story for my ideas to stem and breed from.” Emmanuele Tsakiris

Muse Hunter & Regal Savage, the elaborate and evoking new collections by Emmanuele suggests a story of pure fantasy and mythology; Alluring goddesses captivating fanatical devotees with their chaotic beauty. Amazonian deities swathed in shredded couture, Precise moments of perfection amid a state of disorder. It’s about compelling, arrogant beauty.

Art is a very jealous mistress, insatiably demanding obedience. Emmanuele's art are his creations of jewellery, infused with ancient secrets of seduction. These goddesses these deities were his inspiration. His muse.